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Working together, Learning together

What we Fund

The Friends of Hungerford Primary School raises funds to enhance and benefit the children’s learning and aid teaching in various ways. Our aim is to promote the health and well-being of all the children at Hungerford Primary School.

We raise funds through local sponsorship, grant applications, fundraising activities (such as the Mother's Day Flower Sale) and events (such as the popular School Discoand our Car Boot Sale). Click here for a full list of our upcoming events.

Did you know that each year group can request up to £500 from the Friends every academic year. This is an opportunity for the year group to decide themselves how to spend the funds on something relevant to their year group. Some year groups have already put this money to good use.

  • Foundation have been using their funds to buy a Butterfly Garden. 
  • Year 3 hosted Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow 
  • Year 5 requested funds for the children to go to Kintbury on the train. This trip linked in with their term subject, ‘The rise and fall of Hungerford’s industrial canals’. We have heard that the trip was a great success.
  • Year 6 attributed some of their funds to buy a script for their year group production.
  • Year 6 Leaving Celebrations. The Friends are pleased to have re- introduced a one off payment of £150 available for the Year 6 leaving celebrations. The funds this year are being used towards their leaving disco being held in July at John O’ Gaunt School.

We have a few other requests in the pipeline, and will keep you informed of their success.

School can also ask us to support one-off costs for other resources. We are sometimes asked to help with particular projects to meet a demand. If we have enough notice of a particular project, we look to apply for suitable grants.

Our twice yearly ‘Make a Difference’ days continue to be very popular, giving parents (and children of course!) the opportunity to contribute their time and skills to spruce up the outdoor areas.

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